Welcome to Next Swell, we are the sole distributer of Dylan Shapes in New Zealand.

Dylan is one the most highly regarded surfer shapers in the world, known for this big wave antics and his free surfing all around the globe.

Next Swell has a mission and a passion to offer boards second to none in Quality  design & variety  through years of in-Water Research & Development by Dylan himself, and offering a product range to suit,  based on your age, fitness, experience and skill level.

If you cant find what you’re looking for customs are made upon request.

What's your ideal board shape?

If there’s a little juice in the waves, even when its smaller, and you want a board that’s going to perform, these are your go to models. The all rounders.
All Water Range
When you start questioning yourself because its well overhead or slabbing real heavy, these are what Dylan has tested all around the Globe.
Heavy Water Range
These are the boards that will give you that extra speed, squirt and forgiveness you need when the waves have that soft feel and less power.
Soft Water Range


Leashes demand reliability and able to function with the greatest of ease. The highest-grade materials and strength need to come first then all the bells and whistles follow and that’s exactly how we design our leashes from the ground up.
Freefall Leashes



Tail Pads

Board Bags

Surfboard Wax
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Surfboard Wax

Hooded Surf Towel
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Hooded Surf Towel

Dylan Board Badges

A little bit of fun for all to enjoy.